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City Squirrel has finished up their fourth studio album, 'your absence is perfect', to be officially released in September of 2013 on the Red Pill label out of St Louis. The songs were mixed in Portland, OR at Jackpot! Studios by Mitch Easter and also at Stephan Bayley's home studio, where it was initially recorded. Stephan (vocals, other stuff) and Kevin Woodruff (drums, attitude) are the core of the band, with guest musicians including Mitch (bass on a couple songs) as well as Matthew Baz (bass on two others) and Jessica Embree (flute on "The World Told You No"). The album is equal parts piano, acoustic and electric guitar, Hammond organ and Moog/Korg synth parts. No two songs are alike, or so they say...

Also available via iTunes or Red Pill:

'defeat' (2012)
The third City Squirrel album was a collaboration between Stephan, Kevin and Karaneh Jahan on violin, with Mitch Easter again on bass ("Son Rise") along with local Portland musicians Bryan Daste, Jessica Embree and Emily Logan lending their respective talents to a few songs. One of the writers for made this album #2 on his personal 2012 Top Ten list!

'blow music only with delicate mad worship' (2010)
The follow-up second album was a more produced effort than 'storm', featuring once again Mitch on bass and album mixing but also with the godfather of British folk-rock drumming, Dave Mattacks, pounding away masterfully on the skins.

'storm' (2005)
The first album, a DIY affair, was recorded in Stephan and Stephanie's home in Wilmington, NC, over the course of a few months. Then, Mitch Easter played bass on all the songs and mixed it at his studio in three days! Yeah, he beat us for sure on that one...

August 2013